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The Story of Love and Honey

Love and Honey is a love note to our family matriarch, Peggy. She was a strong woman that lived a life of hard work. She loved her family and her community and they loved her. When she passed away in 2020, we knew that we had to keep her memory alive. Let's go back to the beginning. A poker game in 1941.

The San Juan Mountains near Pop and Gram's farm.

Next Spring

Gram didn't make it to the following Spring but the promise made was still very much alive. Sean and his parents vowed to start an apiary that Pop and Gram would be proud of. Love and Honey Bee Company was born.


Gram and Pop were so full of love and that is what we wanted to show in our approach for beekeeping. Each one of our colonies is named after an important woman that has impacted our life. Of course namesake hive number one was for our beloved Peggy. As we tend to the hives and their needs, we reflect on the example of those powerful women.


Love and Honey is our love note to all of the women in our lives that show us what love looks like. Gram left us with a powerful example. We practice those lessons of love with the colonies of bees that are in our care.

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